I recently attended the screening of the outstanding documentary by film maker Carolyn Davies “In the eyes of the Good” It is set in Nepal and deals with the healing of various factions post Maoist struggle and the need to heal the many wounds left behind, both physical and emotional.

Although I had previously trained in NVC (Non Violent Communication), I was deeply touched by the depth of emotion and healing that the programme brought to these communities. Just the fact that the victims were being HEARD (and all of them were victims).  As a mediator and conflict coach I, of course, have used NVC principles in the course of mediation or coaching but the documentary helped me realize how much more could be done with NVC, what a tool “par excellence” it is and how that alone, could help bring some of our more fragmented communities together.

Even as we are all feeling the fall out from the Brexit vote, whichever way we voted, we find friends and communities divided or worse, pitted against one another. I wondered if we could perhaps benefit from viewing of this film and engaging in a similar type of NVC forum to help people clearly recognise their own basic needs and reconcile with those of “the other”. It can only foster understanding and acceptance as the process draws on bringing out the empathy in each one.

In any case, I would encourage anyone interested in mediation, reconciliation and restorative justice to watch the documentary- it can be found on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqA2OydkXgg  and please get in touch if you think this approach could be of use in your community.