Words fail to describe it, I will just post the pictures

From the north side, you get the perspective of the ice sheet.
The boat is a catamaran (not a small boat) the ice is towering way above it.
The lake is a milky turquoise blue, apparently due to the minerals that the glacier brings with it.

The Perito Moreno glacier is one of the most stable glaciers, it looses ice but due to its position in the Andes, it continues to receive snow. It is also one of the most accessible . Another peculiarity is that is advances 2 meters per day into the lake and ends up blocking one of the arms of the lake. At the time we visited, the North side was 7 meters higher than the South side. The piers were under water.

I am continually amazed at how blue it is
The explanation of what happens when the water forms an arch or bridge, allowing for the water to even out in the two sides of the lake.




Lago Argentino has a mesmerising turquoise blue when the sun is shining  and the sky is blue


View from the lake w the flamingoes

Other fauna of the South



Mother goose leading the way


What better way to leave a place than with a home made lamb asado! Kindly barbequeued by a  fellow traveller from Paraguay.

Bamboo anyone??? The new craze down south, bamboo assisted bikes. They are fantastic, doubling your pedal power, strong, no rust. And bamboo tshirts. Who would have thought?