View from Cerro Candelario on a very wet and windy day. Was so surprised to find it cold and very very windy.

My first Kidush, invited by Israeli room mates, Shelly and Natalie. Kidush is the Friday evening meal marking the start of the Sabbath. Interesting point I thought, It starts w prayer and the breaking of the bread, and passing around a “blessed” glass of red wine!


With new friend Blanche, walking up to a cascade, then to the mirador up from it. No one had told me it was going to be so steep!!!



                                         Christmas Eve feast! 

Pic 1- lovely staff at the hostel – pic 2 fellow traveler and English room mate George working hard on his Spanish before the feast.

and the “piece de resistance”



Surrounded by some of my favourite people in Bariloche, ( note to my family, the crazy looking individual next to me, her name is Sarah, remind you of anyone?)

A last picture with the staff of “Like Quijote”

And the next day, I was off….. next step Colonia (Uruguay) for a few days in the sunshine.