These suggestions are taken from a variety of sites and do not replace medical advice. Everyone is different and many doctor prescribed medication counteract with their “health” alternatives. Please be sure to check with your doctor.

For many, the lock down and isolation of the past year and a half has been really tough! It has also left many grieving! With this article, I want to acknowledge the difficulties and support those who struggled. I also would like to offer hope to those who are looking for another way to look at our health. I have been for some time interested in natural alternatives for the various health challenges that I face and t I try to keep myself in good health by tackling the health issues that inevitably arise. So here is a humble attempt at gathering some of the main recommendations from the” natural medicine world ” in regards to preventing, avoiding complications and ultimately overcoming Covid. Addressing it at the beginning is key.

-Wash your hands when coming in from outside 

-Close the toilet lid when flushing

  • – use Nasal Rinse (Use ONLY DISTILLED or BOILED water that has cooled)
  • – Source a good multivitamin
  • – Take responsibility for your own health by researching the causes for your challenges and making the necessary changes

Avoid paracetamol and ibuprofen as much as possible unless  patient is distressed.  Let the fever externalise and get rid of toxins (the same for all viruses- the fever helps the virus externalise. It is when it cannot do so that it internalises )  Keep body cool – 

Aspirine is a better option if something is needed. See below- contrary to Paracetamol, aspirin also thins the blood and helps to prevent clots

  • Building up protection and support of body to get rid of toxins: 

– open window at night for fresh air 

– first thing in morning hot drink , water plus lemon juice or miso (maybe both, I’d add ginger root to Infuse)

 – drink pure water with Celtic sea salt 1pinch to 500mls (bottle in advance), shake-  Lots of liquids 

 – weekly Epsom salt bath 2 thirds cup to a bath (use big bowl for feet if no bath) for 20 minutes 

-maintain natural hygiene using coconut oil (antimicrobial) plus lavender oil: 600g tub 30 drops lavender or use almond oil + 20 drops lavender.

Supporting the Immune system during Covid 

  • Vit D3+K2 sublingual spray – Vital at the onset of COVID 
  • Vit C  (Ascorbic Acid) to bowel tolerance (several grams is OK sipped throughout the day, especially the morning as it may affect sleep- please remember to drink lots of fluids during the day. 
  • Rehydration salts to keep a good balance in the body- This is important to keep your electrolytes up
  • Zinc – 50 mg daily in any form 
  • B complex or a multi vitamin with Copper– or a separate Copper supplement (NB not all multivitamins are equal-)
  • Quercetin 250 mg-500 mg twice a day (take at the same as Zinc and C)
  • Melatonin– 5mg (2 mg at bedtime) this helps lower the inflamation 
  • Aspirin (81 mg daily) or Nattokinase 2000FU daily. To support cardiac health 
  • (Nattokinase is also a clot buster along natural blood thinners like garlic, ginger, cayenne, beetroot powder, turmeric …nato in Asian food stores) 
  • Probiotics any brand you prefer or fermented foods such a s sauerkraut, kefir, miso, kimchi (PS – these can be made at home)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Oral Solution 3%- 1 teaspoon in a cup of water- gargle for 60 sec.
    • You can also nebulise Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Iodine in a salt pipe – (recommendation of Dr Myhilll- please watch her video before taking)
  • NAC– 200- 500mg daily  (antioxidant)
  • Have a pulse Oxymeter to check your levels of oxygen

***PS Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.