I have known of Maria Treben for a number of  years, but as with many of the books on my shelves, her book “Health Through God’s Pharmacy” remained only occasionally browsed, except for when I make Swedish Bitters, which I have at home always.

I am generally in good health, but with the current threat of Covid19, I became concerned that my blood pressure was a bit too high and if I was to catch the virus, I thought I might give me problems. So out came the book and I realised how grateful I am that she took the time to write things down. I am happy to share some of the things I have tried.

As a result I decided to make a medicinal herbs garden. These pages are just as much for me as for my friends and likeminded people who try to find in nature what is already there for our healing, an art lost to many.

I have to specify that this is my experience and excerpts from the book, for people who are interested. However you should check with your practitioner whether this is an appropriate course for you. That said, I have tried many of these teas and ointments and found them useful.